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Ubuntu 8.04 LTS Hardy Heron

Posted by Zwe on April 7, 2009

Ubuntu is a computer operating system based on Debian GNU/Linux. Ubuntu’s goals include providing an up-to-date, stable operating system for the average user, with a strong focus on usability and ease of installation. Ubuntu has been rated as the most popular Linux distribution for the desktop, claiming approximately 30% of desktop Linux installations in 2007.

ဦးဘြန္းတု..အမေလး…ငါေတာ္ေတာ္ေခတ္ေနာက္က်ေနပါလား၊ မိုက္ကရိုေဆာ့ဖ္ထဲႏွစ္ျမွဳပ္ေနတာနဲ႕ အခ်ိန္ေတြ အေတာ္ကုန္သြားၿပီ…
ဒီလိုနဲ႕ အေျပးအလႊား VMware ေပၚမွာစမ္းသပ္ၾကည့္လိုက္တာ….အားလားလား….ေတာ္ေတာ္မိုက္တဲ့ေကာင္ပဲ။ OS အခြံ Install လုပ္ၿပီးတာနဲ႕ Update Manager Run လိုက္တယ္။ Update အခုေပါင္း 280 ေက်ာ္ ေဒါင္းလုပ္ဆဲြခ်တာ ၾကာလိုက္တာဗ်ာ… တေမ့တေမာပဲ။

VMware Specifications
Memory allocated 512MB
Hard Disk allocated 8 GB




Login Username


Login Password




Update Manager


Wine Library

အလြန္ေကာင္းမြန္ေသာ အြန္လိုင္း ဖတ္ရွဳနိုင္ေသာ Ubuntu Tutorial Links
Ubuntu Tutorials: A few essential How Tos and links for users starting with Ubuntu Linux.


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Cahokia Mounds

Posted by Zwe on April 2, 2009

The builders of Cahokia were descendants of people who had settle in North America by around 12000 BC. They came not from Europe but from Asia and they travelled not by sea but over land. Today fifity-five miles of water separate Siberia from Alaska, known as the Bering Strait after an eighteenth-century Danish explorer. Yet in the last great Ice Age of the Pleistocene period. the sea level was maybe 300 feet lower, creating what is often described as a ‘land bridge’ between the two continents.
‘Bridge’ is not really the right word because ‘Beringia‘, as geologists call it, was actually a vast expanse of land. At the coldest period in the Pleistocene era it was iced over, like most of what is now western Canada. Many geologists believe that as temperatures rose, around 15,000 years ago, there was a relatively brief period when the ice sheets were receding but before Beringia became an oceanic strait. During this period the ‘bridge’ became a desolate but passable steppe; an ice-free corridor also opened up southeast to Rockies and great Plains.

Where is Cahokia Mounds?

Cahokia Mounds is located in Collinsville, Illinois off Interstates 55/70 and 255. Cahokia Mounds is just fifteen minutes east of St. Louis, Missouri.

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My Desktop PC

Posted by Zwe on April 2, 2009

Recently, I bought a PC from IT Show Suntec City. လိုခ်င္လို႔ သြားရွာတာက Dell XPS 430 Desktop. Online ကေနဝယ္မွ ရမယ္တဲ့၊ ဒီအျပင္ ၁၄ ရက္လည္းေစာင့္ရအံုးမယ္ဆိုတာနဲ႕ အျခား Brand ေတြကိုလိုက္ၾကည့္တဲ့စီေရာက္သြားတာေပါ့၊ HP, Compaq, Acer, Lenovo.

Dell XPS 430

Dell XPS 430

ေနာက္ဆံုးမွာေတာ့ ဝယ္ျဖစ္သြားေတာကေတာ့ Lenovo ပါ S$1399 ေပးရတယ္၊ LinkSys USB Wireless Adapter and Canon MP140 Printer တို႕ကို အတူတဲြရတယ္…..

Lenovo IdeaCentre K220
The Lenovo IdeaCentre K220 is a midrange desktop designed to handle all of your media. The low end K220 features Intel Core 2 Quad processors, 4 GB of DDR3 RAM, a 640 GB hard drive and Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit. Gamers can add a Nvidia GeForce 9300GE graphics card for DirectX 10 support.On the software front, the K220 comes with Lenovo Rescue System which enables a user to restore the PC, run antivirus or recover data even when the system is crashed. When paired with a Lenovo L222 LCD monitor, the K220 takes advantage of the monitor’s built in webcam to enable Lenovo VeriFace technology which unlocks the computer using the user’s face instead of a password. Additionally, the Bright Vision and Bright eye technologies can automatically adjust the brightness of your monitor to reduce eye strain.

The new Lenovo IdeaCentre K220 specifications are as follows:
• Intel Core 2 Quad Q8200 processor
• 4GB PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM 1066MHz
• 640GB 7200rpm
• DVD Recordable 40X Max
• Windows Vista Home Premium 32bit SP1 (OEM)
• NVIDIA GeForce 9300GE

Lenovo IdeaCentre K220

Lenovo IdeaCentre K220

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