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Take first step to change

Posted by Zwe on April 14, 2011

IMAGINE if American astronaut Neil Armstrong did not take that first step on the moon on July 20, 1969.
How much knowledge would still be lost to us?
I have come to realize an important fact of life recently: If no one takes the first step, nothing would be done.
The mission to put man on the moon, once thought to be an impossible dream, was realized by the group of scientists, engineers and astronauts involved in the Apollo 11 mission, who truly believed that man could walk on the moon and were determined to make it happen.
Four decades later, we have gained mush more information about space and the moon.
Now consider American athlete Tom Burke, who ran 100m in 1.8sec in 1896, thus setting the first 100m-race record and was hailed as the fastest man in the world.
Imagine if nobody had broken that record – would there be so many athletes running 100m under 11.8sec with ease today? More than a century later, many sprinters have broken the “impossible” timing of 10sec for the 100m race.
The fastest man in the world now, Jamaican sprinter Usian Bolt, holds the record at 9.58sec.
This shows that something that is seen as “impossible” must first be achieved by someone before others will follow suit. And years later, we may ask ourselves: Why did we even think that it could not be done int he first place?
The reason is simple: Because we are afraid to take the first step.
We frequently set hurdles and build obstacles for ourselves in the pursuit of our goals. We live in a fear created by our negative thoughts.
However, it takes just one step forward to begin on the path to our destination.
If everyone changes the way he sees the world and believe that he is able to make a difference, the speed of progress could be so much faster.
All we need is to take that first defining step to make a change. Let’s not underestimate our potential to make a difference in the world.
The writer is the creator of the Facebook group, Changes (, an online campaign which aims to motivate people to make changes to themselves and the environment for the better.


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  1. Thanks for your encouragement! 🙂

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