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Remotely Viewing and Killing Tasks From Command Prompt

Posted by Zwe on August 13, 2015

Windows has several built in command line utilities for performing various tasks, and two tools which are useful for this job are “Tasklist” and “Taskkill”. If you open an admin command prompt (Press Start, type cmd, press Ctrl+Shift+Enter) and type tasklist, it will give you a list of running processes on your computer. It can however, be used to get the task list from a remote computer with a few extra arguments, they are:
Tasklist /S remote system (name or IP address) /U username /P password


Make sure to put anything in quotes that has a space in the name. This will give you a list of remote process names running on the target computer along with their Process IDentifier (PID) and memory usage. Killing a process in the list is achieved with the taskkill command that has a similar syntax to tasklist:
Taskkill /S remote system /U username /P password /IM Process


Simply add the process name (including .exe) or the PID number you wish to kill along with the “/IM” argument after the computer name, username and password. If it works a SUCCESS message will show. If the process doesn’t get killed, try and add /F to the end of the line to force the process to be terminated. Obviously some processes cannot be terminated such as those which are system critical or security software etc.
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